This guide outlines the steps required to register a new site within the Cymatic application.

Step 1: Log in to the Cymatic app

Log in to your Cymatic tenant. If you do not have a tenant on the Cymatic application, you can register here. Once logged in, depending on your administrative access, you will be presented with either the companies or sites dashboard. If you are on the ‘companies’ dashboard, click the appropriate company in which you would like to create the new site. Once you are on the ‘sites’ dashboard, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Create the site

Click on the ‘New Site’ button in the top right corner. In the 'Site URL' text box, enter the fully qualified URL of the site you would like to add. An example would be In the 'Site Name' text box, give the site a name. This is what the site will be referred to as within the Cymatic app. Optionally, you can upload an image file to represent the site. The 'Site Restrictions' section of the form is for advanced use cases and can be left blank for the time being. When you are ready, click 'Save Changes.' At this point, the new site has been created in the Cymatic application.
Each web application with a unique fully qualified domain name(FQDN) that Cymatic protection is to be enabled on requires its own site. For example, would be one site, and would be another unique site within the Cymatic app. This allows Cymatic to learn each web application individually along with giving you granular control over each web application separately.
Once the site is created, you will be directed to the SDK installation page. If you need to complete the next steps at a later time, you can log back in later, select the site you just created, and it will bring you right back to where you left off. To proceed with deploying the SDK in your web application, please refer to the basic deployment guide.
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