This guide walks you through the basic Cymatic deployment procedure. The basic deployment is meant to be used on pages of your web application that do not contain forms that you want Cymatic to monitor for risks. If there is a form on the page that requires monitoring, please refer to either the credential defense for registration and password reset forms or the deployment for login forms guide.

Choosing which pages of your web application to deploy Cymatic on is up to you. If you are interested in gaining visibility into the user's complete digital journey across the app, You will want to deploy Cymatic on every page. However if you are only interested in activity on certain pages, for example a login form, then you only need to deploy Cymatic on those pages.

Once the steps outlined below are completed, you will gain insight into device information and IP reputation of what is connecting to your web app and where they are connecting from.

Step 1: Create a new Cymatic site

Follow the procedure outlined in the site registration guide. Perform this step only if your site has not already been created. If you have already created a site, skip to step 2.

Step 2: Obtain the Cymatic SDK snippet

Log in to the Cymatic web app. Once authenticated, from the sites page click on the site you want to deploy protection to. Navigate to settings > installation > SDK snippet. Copy the snippet section to your clipboard.

To perform the following steps, you will need access to modify the HTML of the web application pages you would like to deploy Cymatic on.
Step 3: Deploy the SDK in your web app

In the HTML code of the web app you would like to protect, add the SDK snippet obtained from step 2. This code needs to be added to the <head> section. Please note that the following is a sample and will not work on your web app.
<!-- Cymatic SDK Code for -->
<script src=""></script>

Step 4: Initialize the SDK

Directly below the SDK you pasted into the <head> section in step 3, paste in the following snippet:

Step 5: Test the deployment

Once the above snippets are deployed in your web app and the new configuration has been saved, it is recommended to test the deployment. To do this, simply navigate to a page on your site that you deployed Cymatic on with your favorite browser. Once the page loads, log in to the Cymatic web app and select the site you just deployed to. Once in the site, navigate to activity logs > landings. You should now be able to see your landing along with any other landings that have occurred since Cymatic was deployed to the web app.

If you do not see activity logs as an option in the Cymatic menu, that means no activity has been recorded. There are a few reasons this can occur:
Clear the cache in your browser and try to access the page you deployed Cymatic on again.
Log out of the Cymatic web app and log back in.
In the browser tab that is on the page you deployed Cymatic on, right click the page and select "view page source." When the new tab opens up, search for "Cymatic" to confirm the snippets are present.
Confirm that the URL you typed in the browser to access your web application matches the URL entered in the Cymatic app for the site.

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